Children Can Also Benefit From Essential Oils!

As folks search for alternatives to pharmaceuticals and other treatments that stress the body further, essential oil usage has been on the rise. Today there are several different companies creating these oils, which can have radically different prices based on the type of oil as well as the facility making them. While adults tout the benefits on most of the ads depicting essential oils, the fact is that children can benefit from them as well.

It is vital to recognize that kids have more restrictions than adults when it comes to essential oil use. First of all, not all oils that are safe for adults should be used on children. I started my search by looking for an essential oil diffuser necklace.¬† Additionally, even when used, the product requires more dilution to ensure that the child doesn’t receive too much of it. However, taking the time to learn which oils are okay and how to use them can be an incredible addition to your natural medicine arsenal.

Lavender is one of the most well-known essential oils on the market today. The incredible floral fragrance can help people to relax, which is great for children who have difficulties falling or staying asleep. Likewise, a child with anxiety can use it in order to manage their condition without resorting to physician-prescribed drugs. However, the benefits associated with lavender don’t stop there.

In addition to stabilizing anxiety and related nervous conditions, lavender is an excellent treatment for a wide range of skin conditions. Sunburns and cuts will heal faster thanks to the properties of the steam distilled oil. Lavender can also be used to stave off insects and treat bites when they occur. An interesting fact, Romans used to add the tiny flowers to their bathwater, presumably to enjoy all of these benefits.

Chamomile Roman is another oil that can be used safely with children. Children who are experiencing teething pain will appreciate the floral oil, which can be used for a variety of other pains as well. It also has a somewhat sedative effect. You can mix chamomile and lavender together for a floral blend that can be used to treat hurt skin and the tears that go with them. Your child will naturally begin to relax thanks to the chemical properties of these two oils, which at the same time are tackling the root of the pain.

Though both of these are valuable for treating broken skin, some conditions require a stronger essential oil. While you might be tempted to double the amount of lavender or chamomile that you are using, that would be a mistake and could actually cause your youngster harm. Fortunately, tea tree oil is an affordable treatment that is safe to use on children. While it lacks the floral fragrance of the other two, it is gentle enough to use on them but packs a powerful enough punch to handle conditions like boils and arthritis. Of course, your kids are more likely to end up with sore throats, wounds, and head lice. Tea tree oil is an anti-viral and anti-fungal treatment that reduces inflammation and helps to clear congestion.

These are the three most popular essential oils for kids, though a few others are safe as well. And for jewelry, I’d recommend specifying looking at this page¬†etsy essential oil diffuser necklace for kids. The older your youngsters get, the more oils that will be considered safe for them to use. Always check, and double check, that you are using the correct oil in the right treatment method and quantities for your child. While many directions are based on age, if your child is smaller than average, you might want to go a little slow with transitioning to the higher doses.

Keep the oils in a cool, dry place and stock up on the items necessary to use them. You will be amazed at how much you will use them!

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