Some Celebrities Endorse & Own Drones While Others Are Scared Of Them

Drones are very popular these days and used for a variety of reasons. There are certain celebrities who own them and even endorse them. However, they are hard to find among the many stories about celebrities who have had run-ins with drones. For example, Miley Cyrus saw one flying over her home, and of course it was the paparazzi. She actually took a video of the drone and posted it to social media to share with everyone. And the scary (or exciting thing depending on how nerdy you really are) about drones is how easy it is to get your hands on one.

Dubai to host the World’s First Drone Grand Prix. No doubt he’s celebrity status, The Crown Prince of Dubai is pro-drone.

If you think about it, celebrity homes are usually able to be found, yet often have protection around them and extra land. People may not be able to easily get in, so drones can. So when you search about news dealing with drones and celebrities, what you get is news about them despising the drones. One famous singer, Kanye West, was worried about his daughter when it comes to drones. Drones can gain access to places that people can’t as mentioned, and this makes the lives of celebrities even less private.

Let’s talk about a celebrity that endorses the drones and likely owns one herself. Who do you think it is? I would have never guessed this in a million years, but it is Martha Stewart. Can you believe that? According to the source, she didn’t come out and specifically say that she owned one. However, she likes them and was talking about them in a positive light.

It’s not the average citizen that is making trouble for celebrities. It’s more the focused paparazzi. However, you can see how it would prompt unstable citizens who have in the past used other means to stalk celebrities to use drones. This isn’t good at all, and the drones are already invading the privacy of the celebrities. Again, however, I say that it’s not the average citizen that is causing any problems.

And remember, there are certain celebrities who like them and speak out about them. Of course, there are also those that are indifferent, so it’s not like all celebrities don’t like drones. There has been enough cases lately to prompt the state to pass a new law. The drones have only been out for a few years, so just imagine what they will be able to do with them in the coming years and what might be coming next.

Some people say that the drones aren’t dangerous so why are they so bad? Not all paparazzi are using them to spy on celebrity homes. They use them in public places too of course. Still, the law in California was to ban drones used by the paparazzi to snap pictures of celebrities. Are you in favor of them using drones?

I think drones are a really neat technology, and I’d like to own one. The problem is people always seem to find out how to use things for bad reasons. We can’t make those choices and instead use drones for fun. More celebrities should like them if they are a good thing and not be forced to be scared of them.

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